Friday, December 5, 2008

Play date with Mae

Today we invited Mae (Arden's cousin and best friend) over to play. We haven't seen her a lot lately because her and Arden are on different schedules at school. They had so much fun catching up and playing pretend. It is funny Arden was so excited to share with Mae about the Christmas visitors we had staying with us and once Mae got wind they come to life at night it totally FREAKED her out!!!! She stuck like glue to me the rest of her stay with us. Arden just could not get why she was so upset. As I watched them play today it made me very thankful of their wonderful friendship.

This morning we awoke to yet another "big mess"! The little suckers decided to pull out the snow in a can and write all over our back door. They also left some yummy Gummie LifeSavors. Arden got the biggest kick out of this one but boy was it a T-total mess to clean up!!!!!! Yikes.... They wrote Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas. See even those little stinkers know the true meaning of Christmas why the heck can't the rest of the retail world....

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