Saturday, December 13, 2008

Memories of Christmas

There is nothing more that I remember most of Christmas was the smell of Christmas in the air at my home. My mom always made our Christmas one to remember. She would bake and decorate our home so it would have that warm and joyful feel. My most favorite were her butterscotch haystacks! (recipe to come next week) yummy!!! I knew when I saw her put lo mien noodles in her grocery cart it was Christmas and all was well. Those wonderful memories that I hold so close to my heart is why I love this time of year. My parents did not have lots of money but their wealth was far more valuable than anything that you could buy at the store. They taught us the meaning of sacrifice and showed us by example that it is better to give than to receive. My parents gave up so much so that we could have the latest electronics, toys and clothes. But most of all they shared with us the true meaning of Christmas. To this day my father reads the Christmas story before any gift is opened. He reads it with love in his heart as if he were there so many years ago. You can see the hope he holds for his King, for he knows him by name. I can only pray that my children will one day remember me not for what I have done but for how I lived for Him, My Savior!!

I love you Mom & Dad! Thank you for sharing with me the greatest gift of all! Salvation!!!

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