Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well yesterday was a great day until I sat down at my kitchen table to read the mail. As I was thumbing through the mountain of bills, credit card solicitations and Christmas sale ads I got to one of my most favorite stores. Kay Jewelers!!! You know the one "Every Kiss Belongs to Kay!" Well it is no secret I LOVE Diamonds!!!! or really anything that is sparkly for that matter. So I was looking through the ads drooling over the "Leo Diamonds" when it hit me in the gut of my stomach. My necklace!!!! Last week we were at church and Arden grabbed a hold of my necklace while putting her down to go into the nursery and she broke the chain. I quickly grabbed the pendant and went to sit down in church to see what the damage was. Well all was good except for a broken chain and David took it and put in safely in his wallet. Later that week he had come home from work and was doing something in his wallet and found the pendant and handed it to me. Well in all of the craziness in my house between the hours of 3-5 (when kids get home) I just stuffed it in my pocket. Yeah not a great idea. So here it was 5 days later and Now I realize I never took it out to put away somewhere safe. So I was freaking out, turning the house upside down. I looked in the washer, dryer, the hamper, every inch of my floor and even the most disgusting place ever the dumpsters outside. YUK YUK YUK!!!!! Never finding the necklace.

Last night we were eating at the dinner table and the subject came up. When my wonderful husband tried to cheer me up and comfort my mistake I acted like a true brat would and rolled my eyes. (yikes who was that person) Well I am sure you know where this is going.... So David dismissed himself from the table and there was this awkward silence between my kids and I. Finally, one of my children spoke ever so gentle and said "Mom, I don't mean to be disrespectful but.... I know it was an expensive necklace and all but it was only a thing and things can be replaced but how we treat each other is more important and besides you will have lots of diamonds in heaven."

As I picked my heart back up from falling into my tail!!!!! Yes my tail!!!! That is what I felt like! Here I was suppose to be the one setting a good example for my kids and he was teaching me what I should have been doing. This was just a piece of jewelry not a life!!! There are people who are hurting around me and I was pouting about something with so little value. How shameful I was but also so very touched at my son's words. As much as I would love to take all the credit for raising such wonderful young men and princess, I know that it is Jesus who lives in their hearts and has guided my children into who they have become. Wow!!! Can you just say that I was on my knees last night getting my priorities in check and it took me losing my diamonds to do it. It was funny the whole time I was searching the house my cell phone kept ringing and I recently added that song by Mercy Me "Bring the Rain" as my ring tone. I remember thinking as the song played "Bring me joy bring me pain... bring me anything that will bring you glory" what?? this now???? God uses the most simplest (or shiniest) things to get our attention... I am so thankful it was only rocks He used! I what a merciful God we have.


Kristi said...

Thanks for a beautiful reality check in the midst of this over-commercialized season!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I could just imagine your panic looking everwhere for your necklace! -- then your child gently reminding you .... was so sweet! I love your REAL transparency! It's rare these days and keeps us humble and real before the throne huh?!! I just did that bible study BEHIND THOSE EYES, and I bet you'd love it. It really stresses to BE REAL. And you are!!!
I hope you still find your necklace! It could happen! When my Grandma used to lose things, she'd walk through the house and say, "LORD LEAD ME TO IT!" -- and He usually did!

Our Journey said...

Your children just amaze me, I only hope that I can instill the awesome things in mine that you have in yours. You're right it is Jesus in their heart, but you and your husband are still great examples. Thank you sharing!