Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Night with Lights

Last night after dinner we went out to check out some of the "tacky tour Lights." Our local news has all of the must see on their website. Now there are just to many to see in one night so we picked the ones that were closest to us. We piled the kids in the car and grabbed our map and headed out. They boys were so funny, they were not very excited to "look at lights" but very shortly into our journey they were ohhhh, awhhhh like the rest of us. Our most favorite was the house (the first picture) that had a radio station you turned your dial to and the lights put on a show to the music. I know we sat there for at least 20 minutes. Arden said her favorite house was the "one that sings", I believe it was everyone favorite. It is so neat to see that people get so into Christmas!!! When we returned home we had a nice yummy cup of Hot Chocolate and then we Cuddled!!! hee hee (inside joke for those who have seen Elf )

Still counting down!! My sister and her family will be here in just 3 days!!!! Please pray for safe and smooth traveling for her. Traveling with 4 children can get a little crazy while changing planes and did I mention their taking the red eye! They are gonna need some prayers!
We found our friends this morning hanging out in the dish washer! I myself, was wondering why in the heck they did not put up the clean dishes but I guess I am expecting a little to much! The other night they were found at the computer desk and typed at little note to kids.

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