Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with the exception of the rage of illness that spread through our family stomach flu, snotty noses and such. Other than that we were blessed with a wonderful Christmas. Myself and Ben both were plagued with the stomach virus that is lurking around, me on Christmas Eve and Ben on Christmas Day. Arden was feeling a little down with her sinus issues but didn't stop her much from enjoying her gifts Santa brought. Now it did however, put a little snag in our plans but nothing we could not handle. God has certainly blessed us this year and we are praying that WE as a family can do more for Him in the coming year! Here are a few pictures from our Christmas. I am sad to say goodbye to Christmas, but the years are flying by so I guess it will be here before I know it. Oh and the 3 little Helpers hitched a ride home with Santa!!! Next year, I believe I heard them say that next year they will come 2 weeks before Christmas instead of the months of December. wink...wink... They kept running out of things to do...

Arden with her Dora Vanity!!

The Boys Checking out their new air soft Guns!

Arden Loving her Giant Hershey Kiss!!
(just like her mommy, yummy Chocolate!!)

The boys Checking out their new computers!
(they look so serious!!)

Spending time with Brother!!

Later Christmas Day we went over to my parents house to celebrate with my extended family. (Ben and David had to stay behind at home Ben was sick, boy did that stink!) This picture is of my middle son Roger and his three cousins. I have 3 sisters and we were all pregnant at the same time and each of them are 3 weeks apart. What a good looking crew!!
This is my sister and her husband (the ones visiting). Oh and Jenny W. this is the sister that you remind me of so much!!!

My dad singing Christmas Carols with the everyone!!

Just had to take a picture of the whole crew packed into my parents living room. Now that is a bunch of people....26 to be exact and 16 of them kids.. Yikes...

My dad reading the Christmas Story before the presents were opened! This is my favorite time of the day! Yes he is holding a flash light.... I guess the older you get the more your eyes play tricks on you, right????

Guess what MawMaw and PawPaw got Arden for Christmas... Dress Up!!!


Our Journey said...

I'm so sorry to hear some of the gang was sick!!!! That's never fun on Christmas! It's so great you had a good attitude about it anyway..and it looked like everyone else had fun. What girl doesn't love dress-up?? I'm glad to see you all had a wonderful Christmas -- and here's hoping you have a great New Year!

Kristi said...

Now that is a crew packed into your parents house! What a party!
Glad your family was able to spend some wonderful time together!