Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yikes!!! Look Out Bambi!!

Well today my little Aaron went hunting with David (shhh he skipped school). They didn't go until the afternoon hunt so we could get somethings done this morning. I just love the idea of my boys hanging out with their dad doing manly things together. I am sure the talk in the woods will be very interesting today. Aaron is learning about Family Life stuff this week at school. Yes, I let him take it, I just read over what they are learning and decide which lessons he will be allowed to hear. It is funny every time they go out for a hunt I always yell as they are walking to the car "I hope you catch one" and they yell back kill not catch mom. Of course I have picked this up by now that it is kill instead of catch but it sure is funny listening them yell back. Hee Hee!!! I really don't get the whole hunting thing to me it seems like so much time wasted just sitting in the woods, not moving, no talking, cold and not even a bathroom in sight. I even asked once what happens when you have to go to the bathroom??? Roger said well mom you just go! Not my idea of a lot of fun I guess that is why God made me a girl. (Thank you) I must admit though David has become more relaxed when getting ready to hunt. He use to make me wash his clothes in some special detergent so the deer wouldn't smell him and then he would put this female deer urine on his clean clothes that I just washed so the deer would smell him???? I never really understood that and it seems a little gross too. Again, thank goodness for girls!!

I have decided that tomorrow I am going to have a GIVE AWAY!!!! from Allys Bowtique!! I participated in one on a blog that I follow and it was a lot of fun. So don't forget to check back Friday to see how to win some LOOT from my store! I know I have some China Families that have little princesses that would look adorable in some Christmas Hair Bows..... hint hint....

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Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

So did they "catch" a deer? haa
I personally think it's great you let them skip school sometimes to spend time with dad etc. And totally agree about reading over school material to see if it's okay or not. When our oldest son was in school he brought home a poem he had to do homework on and it was called the DEMON LOVER. it was AWFUL, and both my husband and myself went to the school to talk to the teacher. The poem was about this woman who LEFT HER HUSBAND to be with a demon. Can you even imagine something SO STUPID and EVIL being in a school book? I told the teacher of ALL THE WONDERFUL POETRY IN THE WORLD, THE SCHOOL PICKS THIS TO BE IN THEIR TEXTS? GIVE ME A BREAK! You definitely have to be careful these days!
I hope your guys had a great time in the woods today.
I;ll check back to see if they got em one!!