Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Time to Be Thankful

Well tomorrow is the day to show thanks for all the wonderful things that we are so blessed to have. Some things that come to my mind are my heavenly Father, my family, friends, my country, my home and the list could go on forever. I feel that in a world with so much to offer we sometimes forget all the things we have. Today I had to run in Costco and grab a few things for tomorrow and I was just in awe at the amount of people and how much food they were buying. I for one, is in charge of the desserts for Thanksgiving and I had 4 different things in my cart. We are just so blessed and the small little things we take for granted some would see as a miracle. I pray that during the Christmas Season that I stop and see how truly Blessed I am.

Arden had a Thanksgiving production today at her school and I will leave you with a video so you can see for yourself just how darn cute she is. The boys didn't want to miss Arden's first production so they all got out of school early and joined us at her school. We watched and cheered her on and she was the star for the show. (to us anyway) After the program they had a great Thanksgiving lunch for all of us and it was very yummy. Then we followed up the day with a visit to Granny's work to bring some cake and cheer on her Birthday. Now I am settled in and and ready to do some baking. Well kinda I bought a tub of cookie dough and I think it kind of counts as baking, right??? Tomorrow we will wake to my Yummy Cinnamon Rolls and watch the Thanksgiving Parade like I remember from so many years ago when I was a child. Then we will be off to my sisters for our Thanksgiving Meal and conclude the evening looking through the Black Friday Sales to see if we will make the plunge again and head out in the mess at crazy hours in the morning to catch a great deal.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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Our Journey said...

Oh this was sooooo sweet!!! We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

The Hartzlers