Sunday, November 23, 2008

Princess and Her Dog!

What a lazy morning we had yesterday. Here is Arden doing what she does best "being a princess". When she wakes she always comes down stairs and plops in the "big brown chair" is what she calls it and then demands her chocolate milk. Then when she is ready she hits the floor running. Well this morning she was in her chair and she had gotten Daisy's little bed and put it in her lap. They have recently formed this little bond with each other, maybe it has something to do with that they both think the house revolves around them??? (well it kinda does)
This past week we have been detoxing Arden from Mommy and Daddy's bed. A couple of months ago David was working out of town and it was SO SO easy for me to just let her crawl in the bed with me while he was gone. Not a Good thing to start. Now that he is home she thinks her rightful place is right in the middle of the two of us. This makes for a crummy night sleep for the two of us. She loves to sleep sideways and kick every cover off all night long. Well this past week we decide it was time to make the switch and put her in her big girl bed. This was no easy task the first night. Bless her heart I know it was totally on my shoulders why we had to do this in the first place. Well the first night she cried for 4 hours. Now before you call me a bad mom let me explain, I did not let her cry for 4 hours straight. I went in and sat beside her holding her hand until she dozed off and as soon as I would stand up to leave her eyes popped back open and she began crying. A couple of times I would go in my room and just sit up listening to her yell for me and it was KILLING me... Finally after 4 hours I gave up and gave in and she ended up back in the bed with us. Well the next night we tried it again and she did GREAT!!! David put her to bed and she whinnied a little but she fell fast a sleep and has been in her big girl bed since. I am so proud of her!!! This is one of those parenting lessons that I will remember for a long time. Have a great Weekend!!!

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Our Journey said...

I'm sure that was SO hard! Anne Marie is a BEAR to sleep with. I can't not imagine how she sleeps as much as she moves around!! Good luck to you all - I hope it goes smooth from here.