Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday we pulled out the Christmas decor and added a little Christmas to our home. David and I went through all the Christmas stuff and put up the tree. Arden was sleeping as we pulled everything out so we waited until later to actually put the ornaments on the tree so she could be a part. When the princess finally awoke from her nap she was just in awe at what had happened while she was sleeping and she could not wait to get her hands on those ornaments. After dinner we started pulling things out of boxes and the decorating began. We had so much fun laughing and dancing while listening to Christmas Music. It is funny David's favorite place is sitting and watching as we all work on getting the ornaments on the tree. He likes to be there but just to observe, normally because his back is spent from pulling the tree down from our storage shed. As the kids hang the ornaments I go behind them, like every other mom in the world and fix them so that no 2 reds, 2 reindeer, stockings and such are to close to one another. I guess this that OCD in me and it drives the kids crazy. Yes our tree is white!!! and I love it. Last year I finally broke down and bought one and I had great hopes for this white tree. I had always wanted a dressy white tree and a tree for the kids. So last year I talked David into buying a white Christmas Tree and I even bought all kinds of themed ornaments to make it uniform and pretty. Well the kids had a FIT!!!! They were very upset at my idea and wanted nothing to do with it. Well they won, (kind of) I got my white tree and they got to put their ornaments on it. Maybe one day I will get that dressy white tree but until then I love it just the same.


Our Journey said...

That's so funny Ally - we ended up buying a "colored" light tree after Christmas last year because Mike couldn't stand the thought of Anne Marie having Christmas under my "pink and green" themed tree. So now we have one in our living room upstairs and her tree (w/ kid ornaments & all) in our family room in the basement!!

Truth4thejourney said...

Your white tree is gorgeous! I think it sounded like a wonderful family time, making memories.

Have a great day!