Friday, November 14, 2008

Ghetto Sandwhich!

Today Ben had a field trip at school. He is in a Fit for Life Program and they have Gym all year long. Well their field trip was to a place where they have a rope course challenges. He got up this morning very excited to go and at the LAST minute he tells me "Oh, I forgot to tell you, I need you to pack me a lunch" well today was Friday (grocery day) and they have recently joined the "buying lunch" crowd and I had nothing to pack him. We managed to scrounge up some chips, a granola bar, 2 clementines, Capri Sun, bottle water and his sandwich. Well I had no lunch meat in the house but I found some turkey pepperoni that I had left over from pizza casserole that I did not use. Being the creative mom that I am I said "well how about a pepperoni sandwich, it is almost like Salomi right???" Well Ben just smiled and said that is fine mom and off to school he went with his yummy lunch.

This afternoon I went to pick him up from his trip and he was telling me about the great time he had and how challenging it was. Just listening to the excitement in his voice I tell he had a fun time. While giving me all the highlights of the day he stopped and said "Mom everybody was laughing at my Ghetto Sandwich!" He went on to explain that it was the joke of lunch time. We laughed and laughed in the car about this all the way home. But when we pulled in the driveway Ben said " Mom my ghetto sandwich sure was good!!" I sure love my Ben!

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Our Journey said...

I must have missed this post the other day --- cracks me up. I have to tell you though, we always make peporoni sandwiches -- we would put pizza sauce & cheese on them & melt them!!! YUM!! It's nice to see that he can laugh at it though w/ you and his friends!!