Monday, November 3, 2008

Friday Fun Treating!

We had a great fun filled weekend! Okay first I spent the morning with Arden at her Fall Festival at her preschool she was Little Bo Peep (later a cheerleader because it was a little to chilly for bo peep).

Then Friday night took the kids our for Treating (we are not huge fans of Halloween but we do let the kids dress up in non-scary homemade costumes and go to a few houses in our neighborhood). My sister and her family every year meet at my house and we do dinner and then head out to get the loot! Well this year we had a extra bonus and my nephew joined in on the fun with us. We had 3 football players, 1 cheerleader, Marine, Annie and a scary something (my nephew) which Arden wanted nothing to do with and was very concerned about all night long. We had a great time and the weather was wonderful and they got Candy!!!

As soon as we made it home they were digging in CANDY CANDY CANDY!!!!

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