Monday, November 3, 2008

The Annual Family Fall Festival!

Sunday we hosted our annual family fall festival! Every year we gather our friends and family at my sisters house and celebrate family, fall and friends. (I guess we could even call it "The FFF" but maybe that doesn't look so nice) The highlights of our festival were the wonderful people, food, great weather, hayrides, the annual hot pepper eating contest and David is still the Champ and last but not least the Karaoke Contest. Now let me take a minute to give you the details on this event. Those of you who know my mother know that she is just a little music challenged (I am being very polite). This year my mom entered the contest and sang with my dad a sweet little bluegrass hymn. She practiced so very hard on her performance and she did a great job! It was truly worth driving the distance to hear. Well once the mic was out people (ages 50 and up that is) began to gather around and they sang their little hearts out. Something about folks and karaoke!! Now please don't get offended I am very quickly approaching "that age range" and it will be here before I know it so I am not busting on them I am just pointing out that they live life to the fullest and don't care while doing it. I think it is great and I am sure I will be just like that one day very soon. Even the older kids joined in and my nephew and his friend sang a song that was wonderful, very talented young men. We finished off the night by singing happy birthday to Roger. Yes his birthday was last Tuesday but he informed me we had never sang happy birthday to him so I thought I better get on it or I might be reported to the bad mom's list again for the second time in just one week! Yikes!!!

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