Saturday, November 29, 2008

2 Years Ago Today!

It has been 2 years ago today that we received the wonderful news of our daughter Arden. As I think back to what we were doing and where we were it amazes me that it has been 2 years ago. I remember as if it were yesterday getting the call from AWAA. I was a wreck!!!!! I was asking question and wanting all the details for this little girl who grew in our hearts for the past 15 months. The one that I remember most from our family coordinator, was her describing to me that she has the prettiest rosebud lips. It is one of my most favorite features of her beautiful face. When I look back and see her referral picture and look at her now I am over whelmed with such emotions to see her so full of love, happiness and such great joy. We are so blessed that on that day Nov. 30, 2007 God picked us for her Forever Family!!! I know all of our China Families are celebrating this day with us. We love you all and miss you a bunch and please give you little ones a big ((((((((((HUG)))))))))) from all of us!

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Our Journey said...

Happy Referral Day!! (Even if it is a day early!!!!) It's just such a great memory isn't it. We think about you guys all the time too, but especially now!