Monday, October 6, 2008

What is Going On Around Here??

Poor little Daisy! She is still in shock about the newest member of our family, Max. She is just so small and he is just so big. She is very curious about all his things. I caught a picture of her sitting in Max's kennel checking things out. Max so badly wants a new playmate but Daisy is unsure and the danger seems to be so Great!! Day by day she is getting better but still seems to be very concerned about the size of Max!

I haven't been very successful blogging daily but I guess now I am moving out of the "newbie" status and becoming a normal blogger who blogs only a few days a week. Or in my sisters case she went straight to the old timer blogger and blogs only once every 3 weeks. HaHa!
Today we had another date with my Mom and Janet C. thrifting and having lunch. We kind of got a late start today and only went to 2 stores. Arden has truly embraced this shopping thing and looks forward to it. My mom won the prize today for the BEST find. She found a brand new mini trampoline to exercise on for just $10. It was funny we were at the check out line and Janet C. made the comment "how many exercise pieces of equipment do you own?" I told her she could probably open her own gym with all the deals on exercise stuff. I guess that is why you find them so frequently in thrift stores and yard sales, everyone buys them but never uses them. They get tired of them taking up space and get rid of them. I know I have had my share of stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical. So she won the best find today! Way to go Mom! Well our shopping trip was right in the middle of her nap time when we reached the second stop and she fell asleep in the car. So I loaded her up on my shoulder and headed in only to find NO SHOPPING CARTS!!! Urgh!!!! Not only did it mess with my shopping skills it was heck on my back too. She slept through that store and through another stop for lunch. I guess having a crazy household has its benefits, she can sleep through it all. It is funny I remember when we received her referral from China it said that she is a light sleeper and she has to have it very quiet. Boy have things changed. I guess it was a matter of survival around here. She would either learn to sleep in the chaos or not sleep at all. She is such a trooper. It amazes me how much joy one little girl can bring to a house. The boys tell me daily how blessed we are that God picked us as her forever family! Children are truly a Gift from God and I got the best 4!!!! LOL

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Our Journey said...

Gotta love thrift shopping! Anne Marie wouldn't sleep in public if you paid her. You do have the sweetest 4 kids I've ever met! Isn't it funny though how God picked these girls that fit perfect into our families?!?!