Friday, October 10, 2008

What does Ribbon, Camo, Football, Red Necks & Sore Fingers have in Common??

Hair Bows!!!! Would you ever believe that camo, football, sore fingers and red necks have all to do with Hair Bows? Well I had a cheer bow order order for blaze orange and camo hair bows. The order was for a high school varsity team (my nephew Brandon plays for them and he ROCKS!) for an up coming game. The story behind the camo hair bows is very funny. They are playing a team next weekend that thinks they are a bunch of red necks because their school is a little further out in Hanover County. The other team is right in the heart of Short Pump which is suppose to be "the place to live" (the best way to put it with out offending someone that might think I mean snoody). So every year they play this team everyone dresses up in blaze orange and camo. It makes for a "in your face" statement wouldn't you say? So I spent most of my day making hair bows and my fingers were a little sore. I was a little out of practice because when our house was on the market I had to put all of my hair bow gear up for showing the house. We now have taken the house off the market (because I didn't want to be moving during the holidays and the market stinks!) So my fingers were not use to all the twisting, tying and gluing. But they are done!!! I just hope they win it will be even sweeter!!!
Tonight we have our monthly Bunco night. My boys get on me because they call it my gambling night. Ha Ha!! I try to explain that I go just to have fun and have a night out with no kids. Well it doesn't work they still give me a hard time. The girl's house we are playing at tonight, a few Octobers ago had it at her house and we had said we were going to dress up for the Halloween and then we all kind of forgot. Well we all show up at her house and she and her two friends who were filling in as subs (who we've never met) were all dressed up. It was priceless. They were dressed as cat n the hat, a sumo wrestler and a clown. Do you think they were a little upset at us for not filling them in on our decision not to dress up? So they had to sit through the whole night of playing being the only ones dressed up. hee hee Well tonight it is at her house again and we all are dressing up and not telling her!! I can't wait to see the look on her face.. I will take pictures and share them later.

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Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your get together where everyone dresses up. Sounds like a hoot.
We're having a "sisterchicks" get together this month too and everyone's dressin up.
THAT'S ALOT of hairbows!