Thursday, October 2, 2008

Play-Doh and Homework

Okay who exactly invented Play-Doh? I can tell you it was not a mom! I am convinced that some things are just not meant to be brought into a home. I have always said that Play-Doh is an activity meant for preschool. (please no disrespect intended just it is not a house) Today Aaron had a project that involved clay or Play-Doh. Arden was very excited to see the bright yellow containers and even though she can not read she knew exactly what it was. So Aaron began his project and rest of the boys worked on homework and Arden, she played with play-doh. How can this stuff manage to get in every room of the house when it was only suppose to be touched at the kitchen table. Humm??? That is why I know Play-Doh must have been invented by a man, just to tick us moms off! Even the dog managed to get a jar of this stuff. Needless to stay it will not cross my doors for a very long time and the few jars we have, yep in the trash!
I knew it!! I was right it was a man and not just one man but 2 and even then they knew how messy it was! Too Funny: (found and pasted from Wikipedia)
Play-Doh was invented by Noah and Joseph McVicker in 1956 and awarded U.S. Patent 3,167,440 in 1965. One of many common products invented by accident, it was meant as a wallpaper cleaner, but Joseph's sister, a kindergarten teacher, started letting her students use it as a molding compound for art projects, since clay was too hard and messy. It was marketed by toy manufacturer Rainbow Crafts, and first sold at the Woodward & Lothrop department store in Washington, D.C.

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