Thursday, October 23, 2008

Looking a Little Guilty To Me??

Today Arden and Max were just a little to quiet as I was working on some hair bows. So I thought I should probably do some investigating. Well I walked into my laundry room and I find the both of them with a look of Guilt written all over their faces. Then I find the empty treat box laying on the floor. This was no ordinary treat box it was 3 pounds of treats. I had bought this very large box at Costco and did I mention it was BIG!!! Arden feed Max every last one of them. Yikes!!!! What took the cake was the look on Arden's face when I walked in after the crime had taken place. Arden didn't have to say a word I knew immediately they were up to TROUBLE!!! Let's just hope these treats go down just as easy as they went in!!!!

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Our Journey said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I hope the puppy doesn't have any "issues"!! Good luck to you -- let us know how it turns out.