Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look Out Roger Got A Video Camera!

Yesterday was Roger's Birthday and it was busy but still very special. He had football practice last night (boy it was cold) so we couldn't do the family dinner thing. We decided to do his birthday dinner and cake on Friday so we can have time so sit down and know what we are eating. Yesterday, I told Roger I was coming to school to bring cupcakes during his lunch for his birthday, well he was not happy with that idea. You see Roger is in "middle school" and that is just not cool to have your mom come to lunch much less bring cupcakes. So all morning I keep telling him I'll see ya at lunch! I could tell he was a little nervous not knowing whether to take me serious or just laugh. Well I did not bring cupcakes to his school but instead I brought them to the field last night for after football practice. Me beginning the mom that I am decided not to buy cupcakes but make them instead. I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, 40 to be exact. I even used my cake decorating supplies and made them look extra special. After packing up my cupcakes I decided to leave a little early and I am glad I did!!! As I was putting the cupcakes in the car and the norm happened for me that is.... they fell!!!! Yikes..... You see, I seem to have the grace of a Great Dane. All that work and now all of them a big fat mess. So instead of just sitting there pouting about it, I did what ever mother would have done went to the store and bought cupcakes (I guess I should have done that all along). I hope those cupcakes were darn good I worked twice as hard for them.......

For those of you who know Roger know that he is a little on the creative or to put it straight forward he is a little different. Not in a bad way but he has the most random sense of humor. He just loves making people laugh and will go to any extreme to make it happen. David and I were trying to figure out what to get him instead of the regular video games or gift cards and we decided on a mini video recorder. Yep Roger has a video recorder........ Starting next Sunday I will be hosting every Sunday " i Roger" I am sure that they will be very entertaining to say the least. I look forward to seeing what his little mind comes up with. Hmmmm.......

Oh and he has his own Blog:
Dr Taco and Dr Peas wondering what that is about I guess you need to wait until next Sunday!

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Our Journey said...

Allyson -- Mike says the same thing about me -- if it's there, I'll drop it, run into it, trip over it or break it!! I'm sorry you went to all that work & had to buy them anyway!!

p.s. Your son cracks me up!!