Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mi Mi!!!

Today is my Big sisters Birthday! Melinda, I hope you have a Great Special Day!! We love bunches!!! You are the BEST big sister I have. Do something FUN!!!!!
Today I received a email that got me very excited. I have been apart of American Family Radio Boycott against McDonalds and have done my part. Today I received a email stating the boycott has been lifted. McDonalds has stated they will no longer use their business for political gain. Yeah!!! Not only is that great it gives me hope that when Christians finally take a stand on something and stick to it we HAVE A VOICE in what goes on in this country. It is so easy to say that my little dollar will not make that much difference, but for those who chose to stand by what they believed in it did make a difference. 1 down many to Go!!!! So the next time a moral issue is brought up please remember we CAN change the world if we all stand for what is right no matter the inconvenience. If you would like to read the statement from AFR here is the link:

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