Saturday, October 11, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Well we had a great time at Bunco the other night. We started the night off a little crazy!!! First before I start, I need to fill you in on our little inside joke at bunco. The majority of the women I play with are all related to me or just as well be related. Well our group has all ages from 70s-22.. The group that falls towards the 70ish we call "the hens" and we have named ourselves (falling in the middle around 37-30)"the young chicks". We have been playing for over 6 years together and we are not so young anymore but we have still kept the name going. My sister and I decided we would pay a little tribute to the hens and dress up like older women. So we were off to bunco in full costume and laughing the entire way. We just knew we were gonna be the best dressed. Much to our surprise when "the hens" got out of the car my aunt took the prize. I have never laughed so hard. It was a costume that was none like I had ever imagined. I had one of those laughs that brought tears to your eyes. Now, when I took pictures PLEASE TAKE NOTE the reason I took 2 (one distant and one close up) is because the make-up was a detail I did not want to miss. I will say no more than enjoy and have good laugh. It was truly a great night of fun, laughter, friendship, fellowship and good food. Laughter does make you feel good!!!

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