Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flowers & Cookies for a Friend!!

Today Arden and I went to visit a very good friend and neighbor and brought a little sunshine in the form of flowers and cookies! Sallie is such a dear friend of mine and has been there for me during a very hard time. She is always there to give me answers to all my questions. If there is anything I need to know, I know I can call on her and she gives it to me and gives it to me straight. I count it as one of my blessings to have her as a friend. Sallie and her family had a very sad day yesterday. Their family dog who has spent many years with them passed away. They knew his time was near but it didn't make it any easier to see their family pet leave this world. I know he was a dog but I am sure anyone who has a pet knows that it doesn't take long to count them as one of the family. So we tried to bring a little cheer to hurting friends and let them know they are loved!

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Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Ally,
It's SO nice to meet you!
I've really enjoyed visiting your blog tonight and just wanted to say hello!
I'm sorry about your friends dog passing away. But you taking them flowers, and cookies... had to have brightened their sad day!
You seem to have a wonderful heart!
Blessings my new friend,