Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Sunday

Today we had my family over to celebrate my older sisters birthday. There we 19 people in my house today. It was a typical crazy day at our household. David really kicked thing up by smoking a Boston butt in his smoker for the occasion. He put so much love into this butt!!! There are 3 things that makes David tick cooking, spending time with us and his Harley. Well he started at 10:00pm on Saturday night and did not pull it out of the smoker until 3:00 pm Sunday. He had to sleep down stair on the couch and wake every 3 hours to check the butt. Well it was nothing short of yummy!!! After we ate the kids were out front playing football and not playing 2 hand touch like they know they should of. Well 20 minutes later we had 2 injuries, one leading to an abrupt end to the festivities and a trip to the ER.....Not good.... My nephew was taken to the ER because of a swollen hand (think he broke it) when he smashed into my son Ben's elbow which was the 2nd of the injuries. Do you think they will listen next time? Um, I am thinking they better!!!

So everyone is gone and I was left with 2 extra kids. How does that always happen to me? With MiMi headed to the ER on a Sunday night I offered to keep her 4 year old to help ease a little stress on the trip. She will already be dealing with a injured child and an infant and the ER is not the best way to spend an evening, if you know what I mean. She also was suppose to be picking up her oldest daughter from cheering I have her for the night as well. What is a few more as far as I am concerned. My sanity has been long gone years ago!! Just another Day right?

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