Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Shopping!!

Today Arden and I met up with my sister Angel and her daughter Maelynn to go shopping for fall clothes. First we picked them up and went to Mae's gymnastics practice. Mae was so very proud to have her auntie and cousin there she barley paid any attention to her instructor. I know she said "Maelynn, over here." about 10 times during a 45 minute class. Mae just kept waving and smiling. It was very cute and worth the trip. After gymnastics we went to a so called "outlet" for kids clothes. Well if that was an outlet than I could not imagine the prices on the regular store. Yikes! They had lots of cute stuff but was to much $$$$ for a 2 year old. It was funny I had just read this morning on a devotional blog that as Christians we should learn to live more with less! So with my handy lesson from this morning, after picking up 3 or 4 dresses and seeing the price tag I politely put them back on the rack and excited quickly. After the outlet we went to the mall to hit Gymboree, Pennys and Macys. Well I had no luck. I just could not find anything. I did find one outfit on the clearance rack at Gymboree but that was it!!!! It is so hard to find nice classic clothes for her size. Everything seems to be to old for her age. So I will be off tomorrow for another try for fall clothes. We did have fun shopping with Angel and Maelynn and even got to stop for lunch. Yum!!!

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Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

they are SO cute!
What cute lil munchkins!
We have a Mailynn too but she's our world vision child we sponsor from Ecuador!