Monday, October 27, 2008

Does Warm Brownies and Milk Make Up for Being a Bad Mom??

Today was a dreary, cold, rainy Monday! I had another bow busy day. I was working on a hair bow order and doing laundry in between. Arden had so much fun with me today. She colored and even joined in and helped by passing me clips when I needed them. She even got a little creative and had them stuck on all of her fingers. It was getting close to lunch time so we took a break to fix her favorite lunch "oodles of noodles" and then up the stairs for her afternoon nap.

When she was settle comfy cosy in my bed with all of her favorite blankies I came down stairs and made the boys a treat, brownies! (boy was that a great call today) I always like to make their homecoming to be something to look forward to. When they are away all day at school with all the stress and busyness I want them to look forward to coming Home! a place where they feel comfort. After putting the brownies into the oven I continued to work on my order. Not paying much attention to what was going on outside until my cell went off with a text from Aaron. He asked if I was picking him up from the bus stop? Well after sticking my head out the door I understood why he would ask such a request today...very chilly and rainy! Well I had a small delima... Do I wake Arden up and pay for it the rest of the day because her nap was cut short or do I say just walk home you will be fine????? Well I went with at text that said "I think you will be okay, just walk home Arden is sleeping and I will have warm brownies and milk for you when get here". Aaron, being my high maintenance son, was not to happy with that response and I got a text back saying "Mom warm brownies isn't gonna change the weather or me!" I decided to go and wait on the porch to maybe help the situation somehow. When I finally caught a glimpse of him coming down the road I had to run and get my camera. A picture says a 1000 words and boy did he play up the cold pitiful look. Just take a look poor cold Aaron

Looks pretty convincing to me ?? Once he was inside and he smelled the warm brownies and saw a large glass of cold milk all was forgotten and I was the best mom in the world again. I am a firm believer that Chocolate Fixes EVERYTHING!!!!


Gwendolyn said...

Chocolate fixes everything for me. I would forgive almost anything if you give me a brownie. LOL

mgfoster said...

Chocolate definitely fixes everything!!