Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Doctor visits and Red Faces!

Well I would love be writing telling you how great my time was with David but no date! Duty calls as a mom and little Arden was still feeling pretty crummy so we decided to stay home! So instead we began our mission on putting our home moves on DVD. We have made it fun by each night we watch on tape as we record it on to DVD. The kids love this! We started with the movies from China and it amazes me how kids grow in a year. Visiting China again from our videos makes us miss all of our China families even more. The connection we all have is really amazing. We all birthed our children together! We are planning a reunion for sometime in Aug of next year and I can't wait to see everyone!

Monday was a day full of doctor appointments for Arden, David and I. Arden got a clean bed of health other than her nasty cold and we had to have blood taken for a test that checks out the function of her kidneys. There have been a few concerns with the formula recall in China and they could have gone back as far as 2006. After talking to Arden's doctor she thought it would be best if we do one test to ease our minds. Well she handled it like a Big Girl!!! Not one whimper but a thousand questions the whole way through. I was so very proud of her. Then we were headed off to our doctor to do a few test for our final re-adoption. Arden was sitting with me when I had to give blood for a test and she coached me all the way through. She knew what to do and when to do it. "Mom do you want to hold my hand?" (this is what I did for her) Then when they tied the rubber band around my arm she said "Be strong mom, be strong!" (that meant clinch your fist we told her to squeeze her fist and be strong). It was to funny I couldn't stop laughing. After making it through we headed back out to the waiting room while we waited for David to get his lab work done and Arden decided to put on a show for those waiting. She had an audience and she took full advantage of them all. Dancing around, jumping up and down yeah truly hamming it up!!!! Well now I was at the point of laughing and thinking how cute is she, when she she decided to include mom on the fun. She climbed up in my lap and took her 2 stickers off and stuck them to my shirt then peeled them off and stuck them a second time with one of those grins on her face that she was getting ready to do something she wasn't suppose to do. She stuck them to my chest and said "I stick them to your boobies!!" Yeah, I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide of embarrassment. And of course everyone one is giggling under their breath. Fun times!! So after sitting for a few moments to regain my composure we retreated to the car to wait the remaining time. All of this much excitement in one morning was enough for me and we headed home. Don't you just love it when our children put us in the spotlight and Stick it to Us!!! (funny how that worked to perfectly!! hee hee)

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