Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Children Waiting...

Well today my post may be a little lengthy and I am sorry! Some of you may know that I am in the beginning phase of starting an Adoption Ministry at our church. This past Sunday morning was our first step in that direction. God has done such amazing things in my life over the past couple of months. He has fueled a fire for something I have always believed in, adoption. Have you ever talked about something that just gave you so much passion. Well mine is adoption! The day Arden was placed in my arms, my life was changed. I have been so blessed to have birthed 3 wonderful boys and it was one of the most amazing things I have done in my life, but to have a child grow in your heart who lived on the other side of the world could have not been planned by anyone other than My Heavenly Father. Up until the moment we were handed Arden, I had many question and some doubts about this journey. Would I see her the same as my other children? Would she love our family the same as she would her birth family? Well all of those question disappeared when our eyes first met. It is something that words could never explain. From that moment on I saw what God sees in us, His Children. God perfectly placed her in our family from the beginning of time. She is exactly where she belongs. Our blessings with her are new everyday.

The word adoption is not a foreign word used in our home. It is very obvious that Arden was adopted into our family. I know that there will come a day when I must explain to her or answer many question about her birth parents. This is something that lays very heavy on my heart and I pray every night that when that time comes God will give me the right words to say. I have always felt a special connection to Arden's birth parents though we have never met. The only thing I have that ties me to them would be a letter that was left with Arden the day she was found. I believe that as a mother she often thinks and wonders about her lost daughter. It amazes me that her hurt became our gain. Again that is mirrored to the image of Jesus. Adoption is from our Heavenly Father and it is something I wish all would embrace. Then they to can experience the same treasure that God has in trusted in our family. The thought that if we had not listen to God's call and said adoption was not for us, to much money, to much paperwork or having to wait to long that we could have missed what great joy and love that she brings to our lives! There are just so many ways we all can touch an orphans life.

What can you do??
$50 can purchase a crib
$600 sponsor an orphan's surgery
$2500 sponsor a whole adoption grant for a Family adopting
$$ priceless: adopt a waiting child and bring them the hope of a loving family
more info at http://www.shaohannahshope.org/
www.bringhope.org , www.awaa.org


Our Journey said...

Lovely post!! Makes me want to go back & adopt again!!! I'm excited about your adoption ministry -- and I'll e-mail you soon w/ information about our adoption ministry.

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed browsing through yours, as well. I love hearing other adoption stories. They always have a way of inspiring me and bringing the relaity of our journey to the "surface" of my heart again. Look forward to following your blog now that I have found you. Can't wait to hear all God does through you in this adoption ministry.