Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ahh!! It's Sunday with nothing to do but a date with My Husband!

Well this weekend is almost to an end. It was the normal rush here and rush there until today, Sunday! Ahh!!!! Friday night we went to my nephews football game and it was cold and wet! This is the game I made the camo hair bows for so we joined in the festivities and dressed in redneck attire too! It was a great game and they lost but Brandon played great! We had to call the evening a little short because of the cold rain I didn't want Arden to catch a cold or something. To late with that one, she has a runny nose and this morning she was pulling at her ear so I guess I will be spending my Monday morning at the doctors. Other than the weather we had a great time. My sister and some of the other moms always have a tailgate before the game and we were invited to join along. It was so much fun and lots of great food and planned out so nice! Way to go Debbie you are to good! After we ate we watched some of the game then headed home sweet home only to go to bed and start all over tomorrow with more football!!!

Saturday was the boys homecoming game and it was cold but a lot of fun!!! We won both games 26 to 0!!! Wahoo!! Not only did we win but this win gave us a place in the playoffs and you know what that means, yes a few more weeks of football.... Don't get me wrong I love football and watching my boys play but it really is very time consuming and I am looking forward to a little break. Back to the game, all the boys had a great game Roger caught a pass and made a 2pt conversion, got a few tackles, recovered a fumble and got a sack. Aaron also recovered a fumble and got some great tackles. Ben had some great tackles and sacked the QB !!! It is always so much more fun when you are winning and being it was homecoming is was even sweeter!!! The team moms for both teams had a spread of treats for the boys after each game and the cheerleaders got to throw candy out to the crowd, which Arden racked up on. After the game we went and visited friends of ours to welcome their new baby girl. This little girl was even more special because she was perfectly picked from God to be their daughter. Our friends have been waiting to start a family for a very long time and they now have a beautiful, perfect little girl that was birthed from their hearts through adoption. It was such a blessing to see the joy in their hearts as they described parenthood. God knew what He was doing by blessing us with children, they bring such happiness to our lives! What a busy day but ended by us seeing first hand Gods wonderful plan!!

Last but not least, we have finally made it over the hump with Arden and Potty Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say this with great JOY!!!!!!!!!!! Over the last few weeks we have been struggling with her to use the potty instead of her pull-ups! Well this weekend (of all weekends) we put big girl pants on her and I think she has it. She even did this morning the unthinkable.......she did her big business on the potty by herself. It was priceless she told me she had to go and told me to "STAY!!! Don't come in!" normally I pull up a stool and sit in their waiting with her to do her business so I can praise her but today she wanted to try it herself. She did it!!!! "All by myself" her famous words she uses frequently.. Very independent... But we have made it over the hump she Gets It!!!! I guess now we have to master the Nap and Bedtime. Thank you Denise for all your advice it paid off!!!
Today we will have a down day. I had to stay home from church with Arden this morning due to a runny nose and a cranky little girl. After a dose of meds she is kicking and playing as normal. I will end our busy weekend off with a date with my husband to go and see the new movie Fireproof!! Can't wait we haven't been out in a long time. My mom and dad are coming over to visit with the kids so we can have some time out. They went and saw the movie yesterday and said every married couple should see this movie. It must have been pretty good for them to trade a quiet evening at home for a night at the zoo!!! Happy Sunday everyone!!!
***Had to post one more thing sorry today was a little long but just wanted to share this video from the game yesterday. I know most of you are privileged enough to know David (my husband) and how he has that smartalic wit!!! It is mostly very funny but sometimes well can be a little smartalicish!!! Well yesterday when they announced the last year seniors they asked the for one of the parents to escort them on the field since they will be moving up to high school ball next year. It was a nice touch, well David used this opportunity to have some fun with Ben well I caught it on video!! First he tried to hold Ben's hand and then right at the end he raced him on the field. Later I found out this was after Ben asked "Dad will you be okay to run? You know we have to run?" Boy do they think we are old an crippled???? Kids.....

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Yeah, Arden!!! We are so proud of you! Loved the video with Dave.