Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Princess Brag Day!!!

Well today I was doing some work on my hair bow shop at and had to take a few pictures for bows I was adding. I just so happen to have this beautiful little hair model and decided to do a little photo shoot to give a bows on look and they turned out just adorable. I thought I would do a little sharing... She is just so darn cute!!!! Enjoy!

Now isn't she just adorable?!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look Out Roger Got A Video Camera!

Yesterday was Roger's Birthday and it was busy but still very special. He had football practice last night (boy it was cold) so we couldn't do the family dinner thing. We decided to do his birthday dinner and cake on Friday so we can have time so sit down and know what we are eating. Yesterday, I told Roger I was coming to school to bring cupcakes during his lunch for his birthday, well he was not happy with that idea. You see Roger is in "middle school" and that is just not cool to have your mom come to lunch much less bring cupcakes. So all morning I keep telling him I'll see ya at lunch! I could tell he was a little nervous not knowing whether to take me serious or just laugh. Well I did not bring cupcakes to his school but instead I brought them to the field last night for after football practice. Me beginning the mom that I am decided not to buy cupcakes but make them instead. I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, 40 to be exact. I even used my cake decorating supplies and made them look extra special. After packing up my cupcakes I decided to leave a little early and I am glad I did!!! As I was putting the cupcakes in the car and the norm happened for me that is.... they fell!!!! Yikes..... You see, I seem to have the grace of a Great Dane. All that work and now all of them a big fat mess. So instead of just sitting there pouting about it, I did what ever mother would have done went to the store and bought cupcakes (I guess I should have done that all along). I hope those cupcakes were darn good I worked twice as hard for them.......

For those of you who know Roger know that he is a little on the creative or to put it straight forward he is a little different. Not in a bad way but he has the most random sense of humor. He just loves making people laugh and will go to any extreme to make it happen. David and I were trying to figure out what to get him instead of the regular video games or gift cards and we decided on a mini video recorder. Yep Roger has a video recorder........ Starting next Sunday I will be hosting every Sunday " i Roger" I am sure that they will be very entertaining to say the least. I look forward to seeing what his little mind comes up with. Hmmmm.......

Oh and he has his own Blog:
Dr Taco and Dr Peas wondering what that is about I guess you need to wait until next Sunday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Roger!

Today we will celebrate my Roger's Birthday! Twelve years ago God brought this special little boy into our lives and we were changed forever. Roger has such a great gift of creativity and compassion for others but most of all he has a heart for God! I have always called him my "preacher boy" he loves his Heavenly Father and his life shows it. (sometimes maybe) I remember when he was 3 years old in a vet office with our dog and out of the blue he asked the vet "do you love Jesus?" I can see him as if it were yesterday sitting on the orange chair and swinging his little feet and just very casually asking the doctor does he love Jesus. It was one of those moments that will remain in my heart forever. I know that as parents we have great expectation that we want for our children but for them to have a heart for Jesus and live their lives according to His plan would be the one we see holds the greatest value! We are so grateful that God has blessed us with such a vibrant and special son. He can make the rainiest day sunny when smiles. Roger We Love You and Happy Birthday!
Today was a dreary, cold, rainy Monday! I had another bow busy day. I was working on a hair bow order and doing laundry in between. Arden had so much fun with me today. She colored and even joined in and helped by passing me clips when I needed them. She even got a little creative and had them stuck on all of her fingers. It was getting close to lunch time so we took a break to fix her favorite lunch "oodles of noodles" and then up the stairs for her afternoon nap.

When she was settle comfy cosy in my bed with all of her favorite blankies I came down stairs and made the boys a treat, brownies! (boy was that a great call today) I always like to make their homecoming to be something to look forward to. When they are away all day at school with all the stress and busyness I want them to look forward to coming Home! a place where they feel comfort. After putting the brownies into the oven I continued to work on my order. Not paying much attention to what was going on outside until my cell went off with a text from Aaron. He asked if I was picking him up from the bus stop? Well after sticking my head out the door I understood why he would ask such a request today...very chilly and rainy! Well I had a small delima... Do I wake Arden up and pay for it the rest of the day because her nap was cut short or do I say just walk home you will be fine????? Well I went with at text that said "I think you will be okay, just walk home Arden is sleeping and I will have warm brownies and milk for you when get here". Aaron, being my high maintenance son, was not to happy with that response and I got a text back saying "Mom warm brownies isn't gonna change the weather or me!" I decided to go and wait on the porch to maybe help the situation somehow. When I finally caught a glimpse of him coming down the road I had to run and get my camera. A picture says a 1000 words and boy did he play up the cold pitiful look. Just take a look poor cold Aaron

Looks pretty convincing to me ?? Once he was inside and he smelled the warm brownies and saw a large glass of cold milk all was forgotten and I was the best mom in the world again. I am a firm believer that Chocolate Fixes EVERYTHING!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Looking a Little Guilty To Me??

Today Arden and Max were just a little to quiet as I was working on some hair bows. So I thought I should probably do some investigating. Well I walked into my laundry room and I find the both of them with a look of Guilt written all over their faces. Then I find the empty treat box laying on the floor. This was no ordinary treat box it was 3 pounds of treats. I had bought this very large box at Costco and did I mention it was BIG!!! Arden feed Max every last one of them. Yikes!!!! What took the cake was the look on Arden's face when I walked in after the crime had taken place. Arden didn't have to say a word I knew immediately they were up to TROUBLE!!! Let's just hope these treats go down just as easy as they went in!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OnE oF tHoSe DAYS!!!!!

Yeah!!! Had one of those days when you wake up and just feel very GRUMPY!!! I guess when I hit the floor this morning feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated I should have just gone back to bed and tried to get up on the other side of the bed. I am not really sure why maybe that wonderful word called HORMONES!!! Just nothing went right. I had to go back to the doctors this morning to get my TB test read (for our re-adoption) and the waiting room was full. I said okay this is not going to be that bad, all they have to do is just look at my arm and I will be on my way. Well any other day maybe but today, Nope!!!! I waited for 35 minutes in a crowded waiting room with a 2 year old who was in much need of a nap. She was crying and yelling "I am sleepy mommy" and everyone just stared with one of those disgusted looks on their faces. It was just a cherry on top of my wonderful day. So finally they call me back and it literally took them 1 minute to say yep you are fine. Three cheers for busy doctor's offices!!!!

After home from the doctors office Arden laid down for a nap and I got some much needed down time. Feeling refreshed I started doing some spring cleaning in the middle of fall. Just trying to organize and get rid of the ever growing clutter!!! Nothing better to end a stinky day than to get some good old deep cleaning done and seeing the results! See something good did come from my crummy day, a clean house!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Joys of Parenthood....

My most productive days are when I stay in my pajamas until the afternoon! I got so much done today and was able to cross off many things on my to do list . Yoah!!! I made 15 competition hair bows, 10 m2m hair bows and even planned a party and sent out evites all while doing 2 loads of laundry, making brownies for the boys when they return home from school. Shwish...... Go Me.. No I didn't look that pretty while doing all of these things but they are done!

Today during all of the busyness Arden said the cutest thing that just made me stop and laugh with her. Max (big dog) was barking constantly at Daisy (our very small dog) and it was getting a little annoying and Arden had enough and shouted "Mom Max is ruffing to much!" How cute is that?? Don't you just love it when kids say things right in the middle of a hectic day that just make you laugh. I knew a friend who kept a notebook and she wrote all of these kind of things down her kids said and when she was having a rough day she would pull that notebook out and it would make her laugh. I remember once while I was grocery shopping with Ben when he was 2 years old and he kept asking for "chips in a cup" , I keep saying "what??" Chips in a cup??? So I showed him bags of chips, crackers, pretzels and then finally he spotted them and yelled That! It was Pringles!! He knew exactly what he wanted and described it to the T, they were chips in a cup. My kids bring such joy to my days and other days they just Drive Me Crazy!!! but I love them all the same.

I thought I would share a video from one of those Crazy days!! (Yes, that was a Sharpie) David said she is going to be a tattoo artist one day. Of course my question was why didn't her Big Brother see a problem with this when she was writing on him????

Well I would love be writing telling you how great my time was with David but no date! Duty calls as a mom and little Arden was still feeling pretty crummy so we decided to stay home! So instead we began our mission on putting our home moves on DVD. We have made it fun by each night we watch on tape as we record it on to DVD. The kids love this! We started with the movies from China and it amazes me how kids grow in a year. Visiting China again from our videos makes us miss all of our China families even more. The connection we all have is really amazing. We all birthed our children together! We are planning a reunion for sometime in Aug of next year and I can't wait to see everyone!

Monday was a day full of doctor appointments for Arden, David and I. Arden got a clean bed of health other than her nasty cold and we had to have blood taken for a test that checks out the function of her kidneys. There have been a few concerns with the formula recall in China and they could have gone back as far as 2006. After talking to Arden's doctor she thought it would be best if we do one test to ease our minds. Well she handled it like a Big Girl!!! Not one whimper but a thousand questions the whole way through. I was so very proud of her. Then we were headed off to our doctor to do a few test for our final re-adoption. Arden was sitting with me when I had to give blood for a test and she coached me all the way through. She knew what to do and when to do it. "Mom do you want to hold my hand?" (this is what I did for her) Then when they tied the rubber band around my arm she said "Be strong mom, be strong!" (that meant clinch your fist we told her to squeeze her fist and be strong). It was to funny I couldn't stop laughing. After making it through we headed back out to the waiting room while we waited for David to get his lab work done and Arden decided to put on a show for those waiting. She had an audience and she took full advantage of them all. Dancing around, jumping up and down yeah truly hamming it up!!!! Well now I was at the point of laughing and thinking how cute is she, when she she decided to include mom on the fun. She climbed up in my lap and took her 2 stickers off and stuck them to my shirt then peeled them off and stuck them a second time with one of those grins on her face that she was getting ready to do something she wasn't suppose to do. She stuck them to my chest and said "I stick them to your boobies!!" Yeah, I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide of embarrassment. And of course everyone one is giggling under their breath. Fun times!! So after sitting for a few moments to regain my composure we retreated to the car to wait the remaining time. All of this much excitement in one morning was enough for me and we headed home. Don't you just love it when our children put us in the spotlight and Stick it to Us!!! (funny how that worked to perfectly!! hee hee)

Well this weekend is almost to an end. It was the normal rush here and rush there until today, Sunday! Ahh!!!! Friday night we went to my nephews football game and it was cold and wet! This is the game I made the camo hair bows for so we joined in the festivities and dressed in redneck attire too! It was a great game and they lost but Brandon played great! We had to call the evening a little short because of the cold rain I didn't want Arden to catch a cold or something. To late with that one, she has a runny nose and this morning she was pulling at her ear so I guess I will be spending my Monday morning at the doctors. Other than the weather we had a great time. My sister and some of the other moms always have a tailgate before the game and we were invited to join along. It was so much fun and lots of great food and planned out so nice! Way to go Debbie you are to good! After we ate we watched some of the game then headed home sweet home only to go to bed and start all over tomorrow with more football!!!

Saturday was the boys homecoming game and it was cold but a lot of fun!!! We won both games 26 to 0!!! Wahoo!! Not only did we win but this win gave us a place in the playoffs and you know what that means, yes a few more weeks of football.... Don't get me wrong I love football and watching my boys play but it really is very time consuming and I am looking forward to a little break. Back to the game, all the boys had a great game Roger caught a pass and made a 2pt conversion, got a few tackles, recovered a fumble and got a sack. Aaron also recovered a fumble and got some great tackles. Ben had some great tackles and sacked the QB !!! It is always so much more fun when you are winning and being it was homecoming is was even sweeter!!! The team moms for both teams had a spread of treats for the boys after each game and the cheerleaders got to throw candy out to the crowd, which Arden racked up on. After the game we went and visited friends of ours to welcome their new baby girl. This little girl was even more special because she was perfectly picked from God to be their daughter. Our friends have been waiting to start a family for a very long time and they now have a beautiful, perfect little girl that was birthed from their hearts through adoption. It was such a blessing to see the joy in their hearts as they described parenthood. God knew what He was doing by blessing us with children, they bring such happiness to our lives! What a busy day but ended by us seeing first hand Gods wonderful plan!!

Last but not least, we have finally made it over the hump with Arden and Potty Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say this with great JOY!!!!!!!!!!! Over the last few weeks we have been struggling with her to use the potty instead of her pull-ups! Well this weekend (of all weekends) we put big girl pants on her and I think she has it. She even did this morning the unthinkable.......she did her big business on the potty by herself. It was priceless she told me she had to go and told me to "STAY!!! Don't come in!" normally I pull up a stool and sit in their waiting with her to do her business so I can praise her but today she wanted to try it herself. She did it!!!! "All by myself" her famous words she uses frequently.. Very independent... But we have made it over the hump she Gets It!!!! I guess now we have to master the Nap and Bedtime. Thank you Denise for all your advice it paid off!!!
Today we will have a down day. I had to stay home from church with Arden this morning due to a runny nose and a cranky little girl. After a dose of meds she is kicking and playing as normal. I will end our busy weekend off with a date with my husband to go and see the new movie Fireproof!! Can't wait we haven't been out in a long time. My mom and dad are coming over to visit with the kids so we can have some time out. They went and saw the movie yesterday and said every married couple should see this movie. It must have been pretty good for them to trade a quiet evening at home for a night at the zoo!!! Happy Sunday everyone!!!
***Had to post one more thing sorry today was a little long but just wanted to share this video from the game yesterday. I know most of you are privileged enough to know David (my husband) and how he has that smartalic wit!!! It is mostly very funny but sometimes well can be a little smartalicish!!! Well yesterday when they announced the last year seniors they asked the for one of the parents to escort them on the field since they will be moving up to high school ball next year. It was a nice touch, well David used this opportunity to have some fun with Ben well I caught it on video!! First he tried to hold Ben's hand and then right at the end he raced him on the field. Later I found out this was after Ben asked "Dad will you be okay to run? You know we have to run?" Boy do they think we are old an crippled???? Kids.....

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Friday!!!!

Well today is the long awaited Friday. Isn't funny how we wait all week long for Friday. It is just another day of the week and we normally have a weekend packed so full of activities that we don't have a break on the weekend anyway. Sometimes I think it is just 3 days closer to Monday!! Yikes!! This week has just flown by and it is the time a year when we are packing up summer clothes and pulling out or buying new clothes for the colder weather. Fall is truly my FAVORITE time of the year. Nothing sounds better to me than to watching a football game (my boys playing of course) with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate in hand and watching the leaves start to change marveling at another fingerprint of our God.

As usual we have a weekend packed full of things to do. Tonight we will be going to see my nephew Brandon (the star football player) play at his high school. Then tomorrow we have the boys homecoming football games and then leaving to go and visit dear friends who just adopted a little girl, for her welcoming party. Very busy, yet all very special things to do. I often catch myself wishing for a slower pace life. Sitting on the front porch just watching the world go by. I am sure some of you remember those days so clearly. Where did they go and is our life today truly better than that? I know that we have grown as a country in amazing ways but sometimes I wonder is this what we were reaching for? Economic issues, busy schedules, energy problems, orphans with numbers beyond comprehension. This is normally when God interrupts me and tell me "For i know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Isn't He so good! No matter what is going on around us we can always have the comfort of knowing God has our Future in His hands. I am so very Blessed!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Children Waiting...

Well today my post may be a little lengthy and I am sorry! Some of you may know that I am in the beginning phase of starting an Adoption Ministry at our church. This past Sunday morning was our first step in that direction. God has done such amazing things in my life over the past couple of months. He has fueled a fire for something I have always believed in, adoption. Have you ever talked about something that just gave you so much passion. Well mine is adoption! The day Arden was placed in my arms, my life was changed. I have been so blessed to have birthed 3 wonderful boys and it was one of the most amazing things I have done in my life, but to have a child grow in your heart who lived on the other side of the world could have not been planned by anyone other than My Heavenly Father. Up until the moment we were handed Arden, I had many question and some doubts about this journey. Would I see her the same as my other children? Would she love our family the same as she would her birth family? Well all of those question disappeared when our eyes first met. It is something that words could never explain. From that moment on I saw what God sees in us, His Children. God perfectly placed her in our family from the beginning of time. She is exactly where she belongs. Our blessings with her are new everyday.

The word adoption is not a foreign word used in our home. It is very obvious that Arden was adopted into our family. I know that there will come a day when I must explain to her or answer many question about her birth parents. This is something that lays very heavy on my heart and I pray every night that when that time comes God will give me the right words to say. I have always felt a special connection to Arden's birth parents though we have never met. The only thing I have that ties me to them would be a letter that was left with Arden the day she was found. I believe that as a mother she often thinks and wonders about her lost daughter. It amazes me that her hurt became our gain. Again that is mirrored to the image of Jesus. Adoption is from our Heavenly Father and it is something I wish all would embrace. Then they to can experience the same treasure that God has in trusted in our family. The thought that if we had not listen to God's call and said adoption was not for us, to much money, to much paperwork or having to wait to long that we could have missed what great joy and love that she brings to our lives! There are just so many ways we all can touch an orphans life.

What can you do??
$50 can purchase a crib
$600 sponsor an orphan's surgery
$2500 sponsor a whole adoption grant for a Family adopting
$$ priceless: adopt a waiting child and bring them the hope of a loving family
more info at ,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Sunday

Today we had my family over to celebrate my older sisters birthday. There we 19 people in my house today. It was a typical crazy day at our household. David really kicked thing up by smoking a Boston butt in his smoker for the occasion. He put so much love into this butt!!! There are 3 things that makes David tick cooking, spending time with us and his Harley. Well he started at 10:00pm on Saturday night and did not pull it out of the smoker until 3:00 pm Sunday. He had to sleep down stair on the couch and wake every 3 hours to check the butt. Well it was nothing short of yummy!!! After we ate the kids were out front playing football and not playing 2 hand touch like they know they should of. Well 20 minutes later we had 2 injuries, one leading to an abrupt end to the festivities and a trip to the ER.....Not good.... My nephew was taken to the ER because of a swollen hand (think he broke it) when he smashed into my son Ben's elbow which was the 2nd of the injuries. Do you think they will listen next time? Um, I am thinking they better!!!

So everyone is gone and I was left with 2 extra kids. How does that always happen to me? With MiMi headed to the ER on a Sunday night I offered to keep her 4 year old to help ease a little stress on the trip. She will already be dealing with a injured child and an infant and the ER is not the best way to spend an evening, if you know what I mean. She also was suppose to be picking up her oldest daughter from cheering I have her for the night as well. What is a few more as far as I am concerned. My sanity has been long gone years ago!! Just another Day right?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Well we had a great time at Bunco the other night. We started the night off a little crazy!!! First before I start, I need to fill you in on our little inside joke at bunco. The majority of the women I play with are all related to me or just as well be related. Well our group has all ages from 70s-22.. The group that falls towards the 70ish we call "the hens" and we have named ourselves (falling in the middle around 37-30)"the young chicks". We have been playing for over 6 years together and we are not so young anymore but we have still kept the name going. My sister and I decided we would pay a little tribute to the hens and dress up like older women. So we were off to bunco in full costume and laughing the entire way. We just knew we were gonna be the best dressed. Much to our surprise when "the hens" got out of the car my aunt took the prize. I have never laughed so hard. It was a costume that was none like I had ever imagined. I had one of those laughs that brought tears to your eyes. Now, when I took pictures PLEASE TAKE NOTE the reason I took 2 (one distant and one close up) is because the make-up was a detail I did not want to miss. I will say no more than enjoy and have good laugh. It was truly a great night of fun, laughter, friendship, fellowship and good food. Laughter does make you feel good!!!

Hair Bows!!!! Would you ever believe that camo, football, sore fingers and red necks have all to do with Hair Bows? Well I had a cheer bow order order for blaze orange and camo hair bows. The order was for a high school varsity team (my nephew Brandon plays for them and he ROCKS!) for an up coming game. The story behind the camo hair bows is very funny. They are playing a team next weekend that thinks they are a bunch of red necks because their school is a little further out in Hanover County. The other team is right in the heart of Short Pump which is suppose to be "the place to live" (the best way to put it with out offending someone that might think I mean snoody). So every year they play this team everyone dresses up in blaze orange and camo. It makes for a "in your face" statement wouldn't you say? So I spent most of my day making hair bows and my fingers were a little sore. I was a little out of practice because when our house was on the market I had to put all of my hair bow gear up for showing the house. We now have taken the house off the market (because I didn't want to be moving during the holidays and the market stinks!) So my fingers were not use to all the twisting, tying and gluing. But they are done!!! I just hope they win it will be even sweeter!!!
Tonight we have our monthly Bunco night. My boys get on me because they call it my gambling night. Ha Ha!! I try to explain that I go just to have fun and have a night out with no kids. Well it doesn't work they still give me a hard time. The girl's house we are playing at tonight, a few Octobers ago had it at her house and we had said we were going to dress up for the Halloween and then we all kind of forgot. Well we all show up at her house and she and her two friends who were filling in as subs (who we've never met) were all dressed up. It was priceless. They were dressed as cat n the hat, a sumo wrestler and a clown. Do you think they were a little upset at us for not filling them in on our decision not to dress up? So they had to sit through the whole night of playing being the only ones dressed up. hee hee Well tonight it is at her house again and we all are dressing up and not telling her!! I can't wait to see the look on her face.. I will take pictures and share them later.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mi Mi!!!

Today is my Big sisters Birthday! Melinda, I hope you have a Great Special Day!! We love bunches!!! You are the BEST big sister I have. Do something FUN!!!!!
Today I received a email that got me very excited. I have been apart of American Family Radio Boycott against McDonalds and have done my part. Today I received a email stating the boycott has been lifted. McDonalds has stated they will no longer use their business for political gain. Yeah!!! Not only is that great it gives me hope that when Christians finally take a stand on something and stick to it we HAVE A VOICE in what goes on in this country. It is so easy to say that my little dollar will not make that much difference, but for those who chose to stand by what they believed in it did make a difference. 1 down many to Go!!!! So the next time a moral issue is brought up please remember we CAN change the world if we all stand for what is right no matter the inconvenience. If you would like to read the statement from AFR here is the link:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Shopping!!

Today Arden and I met up with my sister Angel and her daughter Maelynn to go shopping for fall clothes. First we picked them up and went to Mae's gymnastics practice. Mae was so very proud to have her auntie and cousin there she barley paid any attention to her instructor. I know she said "Maelynn, over here." about 10 times during a 45 minute class. Mae just kept waving and smiling. It was very cute and worth the trip. After gymnastics we went to a so called "outlet" for kids clothes. Well if that was an outlet than I could not imagine the prices on the regular store. Yikes! They had lots of cute stuff but was to much $$$$ for a 2 year old. It was funny I had just read this morning on a devotional blog that as Christians we should learn to live more with less! So with my handy lesson from this morning, after picking up 3 or 4 dresses and seeing the price tag I politely put them back on the rack and excited quickly. After the outlet we went to the mall to hit Gymboree, Pennys and Macys. Well I had no luck. I just could not find anything. I did find one outfit on the clearance rack at Gymboree but that was it!!!! It is so hard to find nice classic clothes for her size. Everything seems to be to old for her age. So I will be off tomorrow for another try for fall clothes. We did have fun shopping with Angel and Maelynn and even got to stop for lunch. Yum!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flowers & Cookies for a Friend!!

Today Arden and I went to visit a very good friend and neighbor and brought a little sunshine in the form of flowers and cookies! Sallie is such a dear friend of mine and has been there for me during a very hard time. She is always there to give me answers to all my questions. If there is anything I need to know, I know I can call on her and she gives it to me and gives it to me straight. I count it as one of my blessings to have her as a friend. Sallie and her family had a very sad day yesterday. Their family dog who has spent many years with them passed away. They knew his time was near but it didn't make it any easier to see their family pet leave this world. I know he was a dog but I am sure anyone who has a pet knows that it doesn't take long to count them as one of the family. So we tried to bring a little cheer to hurting friends and let them know they are loved!

Monday, October 6, 2008

What is Going On Around Here??

Poor little Daisy! She is still in shock about the newest member of our family, Max. She is just so small and he is just so big. She is very curious about all his things. I caught a picture of her sitting in Max's kennel checking things out. Max so badly wants a new playmate but Daisy is unsure and the danger seems to be so Great!! Day by day she is getting better but still seems to be very concerned about the size of Max!

I haven't been very successful blogging daily but I guess now I am moving out of the "newbie" status and becoming a normal blogger who blogs only a few days a week. Or in my sisters case she went straight to the old timer blogger and blogs only once every 3 weeks. HaHa!
Today we had another date with my Mom and Janet C. thrifting and having lunch. We kind of got a late start today and only went to 2 stores. Arden has truly embraced this shopping thing and looks forward to it. My mom won the prize today for the BEST find. She found a brand new mini trampoline to exercise on for just $10. It was funny we were at the check out line and Janet C. made the comment "how many exercise pieces of equipment do you own?" I told her she could probably open her own gym with all the deals on exercise stuff. I guess that is why you find them so frequently in thrift stores and yard sales, everyone buys them but never uses them. They get tired of them taking up space and get rid of them. I know I have had my share of stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical. So she won the best find today! Way to go Mom! Well our shopping trip was right in the middle of her nap time when we reached the second stop and she fell asleep in the car. So I loaded her up on my shoulder and headed in only to find NO SHOPPING CARTS!!! Urgh!!!! Not only did it mess with my shopping skills it was heck on my back too. She slept through that store and through another stop for lunch. I guess having a crazy household has its benefits, she can sleep through it all. It is funny I remember when we received her referral from China it said that she is a light sleeper and she has to have it very quiet. Boy have things changed. I guess it was a matter of survival around here. She would either learn to sleep in the chaos or not sleep at all. She is such a trooper. It amazes me how much joy one little girl can bring to a house. The boys tell me daily how blessed we are that God picked us as her forever family! Children are truly a Gift from God and I got the best 4!!!! LOL

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Play-Doh and Homework

Okay who exactly invented Play-Doh? I can tell you it was not a mom! I am convinced that some things are just not meant to be brought into a home. I have always said that Play-Doh is an activity meant for preschool. (please no disrespect intended just it is not a house) Today Aaron had a project that involved clay or Play-Doh. Arden was very excited to see the bright yellow containers and even though she can not read she knew exactly what it was. So Aaron began his project and rest of the boys worked on homework and Arden, she played with play-doh. How can this stuff manage to get in every room of the house when it was only suppose to be touched at the kitchen table. Humm??? That is why I know Play-Doh must have been invented by a man, just to tick us moms off! Even the dog managed to get a jar of this stuff. Needless to stay it will not cross my doors for a very long time and the few jars we have, yep in the trash!
I knew it!! I was right it was a man and not just one man but 2 and even then they knew how messy it was! Too Funny: (found and pasted from Wikipedia)
Play-Doh was invented by Noah and Joseph McVicker in 1956 and awarded U.S. Patent 3,167,440 in 1965. One of many common products invented by accident, it was meant as a wallpaper cleaner, but Joseph's sister, a kindergarten teacher, started letting her students use it as a molding compound for art projects, since clay was too hard and messy. It was marketed by toy manufacturer Rainbow Crafts, and first sold at the Woodward & Lothrop department store in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What the Enemy Doesn't Want Us to Know

Well today during my time with the God, He spoke to me with a verse in Psalm 103:12 as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. (NIV)

I know from my own life that one of the easiest ways for the enemy to attack us is in our own mind. As God puts new things before us, satan tries to make us believe we are unworthy of the task. We are not holy enough or just to messed up to do anything for God. There are many times I often believe him and throw the towel in and give up. Today this verse spoke to me dearly because I have heard the lies of the enemy coming and this verse has given me the comfort and shelter I needed. I know as Christians we walk through many struggles and satan tries to damage our self-worth. We feel as if we are to "damaged" to ever do anything significant for God. Well my friends that is what satan wants us to believe. As long as we continue to remind ourselves and wonder what everyone else remembers about our sins then we will never reach the goal. God tells us in His word that he takes our sins and throws them far beyond we could ever imagine and never reminds us again. That is what kind of God we serve! So when the king of lies comes knocking on our doors lets remember what our Father said and know we are special picked with a perfect plan to do His work. I shared this because I feel that we hear so many negative things about the mistakes we have made in our lives and far to often we thrive on stories about how others have fallen or sinned. I believe as Christians we should all love those around us and focus more on what God can do instead of what that person did or did not do. Ultimately we are all God's children working for the same goal to see Him in eternity and win as many souls along the way!

I found this video from the lead singer from Casting Crowns, please just take a few minutes to watch it, he puts it far better than I.