Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thrifting with MawMaw and Janet C

After I picked Arden up from school today we met up with MawMaw and Janet C. for the end of their "Thrifting Tuesday". Watching my mom and Janet C. (my aunt) thrift or as they call it Junking it is entertaining itself. They rush in every store searching for who can find the "best deal" and most of the time they always want what the other finds first. (which makes it even better knowing the other wants it more). After a morning of shopping we went had lunch together. Arden had time to share with MawMaw her art work she had made today at school which was a colored picture of the signs of fall. Finally on our way home Arden was fast asleep in the car for it was 2 hours past her normal nap time. Later this afternoon Mae came over to visit while Uncle Kevin took the boys to football practice and they had a blast with our new piano. I have a wonderful friend who is getting married end of this year and with the two households combining they would have 2 pianos. She so thoughtfully thought of of our family and we now have a piano!!! Thank you Connie! The video below is Mae and Arden spending some time playing their version of Annie's Tomorrow. This in itself is so precious and now I see for myself why Connie told me that every house should have a piano, it is priceless.

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