Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Morning Football

Today we had football games and we had to be at the field at 10:00am. The weather man was calling for a comfortable day. Well he was very WRONG!!! I dressed Arden in a black long sleeve T-shirt and pants. Well the sun was out and we were on a open field and it was HOT HOT and HOT!!! Poor boys, they had all their equipment on and playing hard. I guess the actual temperature was not so bad but the humidity was very high. Arden in her black shirt had sweat dripping from her hair. David, went to the car and pulled out the umbrella to keep the sun from beating down on us. It made all the difference in the world. I told him it was wild how just holding an umbrella over your head can bring such big relief and his response "well that is why they use to carry them back in the day". He is just to clever!

The boys played a great game but lost. The team they played was the best in their division so we knew it was going to be a tough one. Roger played great but probably not his best since he was up to wee hours of the night at the lock-in. (Shhh but we didn't let the coach in on that secret) Ben did well too, he had 11 tackles and had the bruises in his arms to prove it. Aaron played for a couple of downs. It was funny David told me (I was in the car giving some relief to Arden and Mae from the heat) when Aaron was playing, he is the team captain and they asked Aaron if he wanted to accept or decline the penalty on the play and he looked confused for a moment and then turned to run to the sideline to ask his coach. The ref told him this is your call so he made a quick glance and saw the signal he was wanting from his coach and confidently said "yes we accept the penalty". Such a fearless leader!

Don't forget tomorrow is Video 2 of the Family series. You don't want to miss this one either!!!
Aaron is showing off his creativity in the next video!!!!! TUNE IN.

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