Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Rainy Thursday

What better way to spend a rainy day than to bake all day. Well today I had to make 35 football cookies for the boys homecoming game this Saturday. The type of cookies that I am baking you have to start early because the icing has to dry. Well after dropping Arden off at school and going to 4 stores to look for a football cookie cutter I ended up buying a circle and bending it to make it work. This has just been one of those weeks! So I came home and began baking around 10:30 am. Well seven hours into this process I got a phone call from the team mom and she asked "You haven't started on those cookies have you?" Well just my luck because all of the rain homecoming is canceled. So guess what Gregory, you have a bunch of football cookies to add to your Birthday party this weekend. Lucky You!!!! What that means for me, I get to do this all again in a couple of weeks! Urgh!!!! Oh well, I am trying to teach myself not to sweat the small stuff. I guess the enemy knows that and has tried to really stick it to me this week. But as that Natalie Grant song says: "I will not be moved" (love that song)


Our Journey said...

Ok, your cookies are too cute & how smart you are to make them w/ a round cutter -- so smart!

ffotballsandhairbows said...

yay... Gregory & everyone @ his party will be sooo excited to have your yummy cookies!!

Footballs & Hairbows said...

mgf13135yay... Gregory will be sooo excited to have your yummy cookies @ his part!!