Monday, September 22, 2008

Max is Busy Mommy!

Max is Busy Mommy! Well, Max our newest member of the family is finally making himself right at home. He has warmed up to us and the newness of everything is no longer. This morning after the boys left for school he was a little bored with out his partners in crime. So he got into everything! He stole a shoe to chew on and a flower arrangement on a low table. Arden was very upset about that. She did not like the fact that he would take those flowers and chew them up. After about 30 minutes of chasing him away from them and telling him NO, Arden came into the kitchen and told me "Mom, Max is very busy". Kids have such a way with words. I think this age 2-3ish is so funny how they put things. A couple of weeks ago we had the stomach flu running through our family and Arden was the 2nd to catch it. In the beginning stage she told "Mom my tummy is so angry" I just laughed! I am just so blessed to have such creative children.
Yesterday while playing in the yard with Max Arden saw her first pine cone. She was very impressed with it. She went around the yard collecting as many as she could fit into her little hands. Max also took to the pine cones too. Again Arden was very irritated with that. I guess a adults we take the littlest things for granted like a plain old pine cone but to a child it is new and very exciting. Maybe we should learn a little from our children and take the things that God created and marvel at them instead of the latest electronics, fashions or trends. There are so many beautiful things that God created for us to enjoy! Oh how I would love a slower pace of life just to be able to stop and see all of our Father's fingerprints around us.
Tonight is another football game and a very late night! Urgh!!!! The good news is a least I will be able to watch it tonight my generous sister has offered to watch Arden so I watch some of the game. Thank you Angel!

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