Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lunch Date

Today we had lunch with Aaron at school. Arden loved being the center of attention in the cafeteria. She did want to know where "her boys were". Aaron is the only one in elementary so it was just him who we had lunch with. Trying to explain to a 2 year old that the other boys are in middle school and they are just too cool to have lunch with mom and little sister, was a challenge. Well I did my best and believe it or not (she is so smart) at the dinner table she told Roger and Ben "You are in middle school". She did get it!! After lunch we came home and tried my best to lay her down for a nap knowing it was going to be a late night with church. Today she asked to sleep on the couch instead of her big girl bed and I gave in. I totally did not think that one out, being the boys were due home from school shortly after she finally fell asleep. I am sure you know how the rest of the story went... and in the end, meant one grumpy little princess! Tonight I will have to make it short, have lots to do before bed and the boys and Arden seem like they are coming through the ceiling! Yikes.. Guess who is leading the wild herd? Yep you guessed its, Roger! Boy if I could just have 1/2 of the energy that boy has I would be set!


Jenny Wheelis said...

Hey... Welcome to the blogging world! So glad you made the leap!!
These kiddos we have are growing up fast aren't they?

Our Journey said...

Yea! I LOVE keeping up w/ all the girls on the blogs -- I just wish everyone had one!!

Oh -- I understand about the "no-nap-crabby-princess" issue!! Not fun!

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