Friday, September 26, 2008

Life in the fast Lane

We had a fun play day today! I have been talking via email to another adoptive mom that David ran into in Starbucks one day. She contacted me off of my hair bow website and we have been talking since. Well today we finally met and the girls got to have a day of fun. We met at Pretend and Play (I think that is what it is called) so the girls could play and we could chat. Arden was very excited to meet a new friend. We had a great time sharing our adoption stories and laughing at the girls run wild. It was funny they had so much for them to do but their favorite thing was playing with the high chairs. They both would click the buckles and climb up in them and just sit. Who would have guessed that would have been their favorite. Too funny...
After our play date we went to my sisters shop, Divas and Dudes and had my hair cut while Arden hung out with Mae. My sister did such a great job. I ended up getting all my hair cut off really short. While we were there we even got in a visit with Grandma, my mom also works with my sister. When the boys arrived home from school we all jumped in the car and headed to Costco for our weekly shopping trip. Boy was that fun, I always spend twice as much when I have everyone with me. It seems every time I turned around they were throwing in more things that they HAD to have. Once home Ben was out the door for a school dance and Roger for the church lock in and I left to met some friends from my church about our adoption ministry. I often ask my mom "When we were young did you just feel like you were going 1000 miles per hour and in every directions?" She quickly responded "You bet!" I have only just begun the teenage years, so I better strap on my seat belt cause here we Go!!!

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Mom2many said...

We had a great time with you all at Pretend Town! We feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people throughout our adoption journey and beyond. Let's get together again sometime soon for some more high chair fastening fun times!