Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is There Rest For My Soul?

Well for those of you who know us or have experienced first hand when you call on any given time, my house is WILD!!! Just to add to the confusion of 4 kids, a door bell that rings 20 times a day, a yappy dog, 2-3 neighborhood boys, now a piano, 5 cell phones, video games that are loud and seem like your in a war (in my living room I might add so they can get the full experience with surround sound) and a computer with even more noise I keep my sisters 3 kids on Saturdays. She has 2 boys Mason and Carson and a girl Mae, who is Arden's best buddy. Arden and Mae have the best time together but...... Mae can be a little bossy at times. With Arden's strong willed attitude that can be a little hectic at times. Well this morning had a crazy start to it anyway. Nothing particular but just woke up on that side of the bed. Well after a morning of cleaning up and getting things together to start our day the kids arrived! Well as usual, Arden and Mae start out by determining who was the boss (Mae won) and then they play pretty well together. Well today Mae was feeling a little under the weather and cranky. Well I was in the laundry room doing laundry and Mae and Arden kind of got into a little confrontation. Mae ended up getting pretty mad and stomped away yelling "Arden you mad at me!" Arden had obviously had enough and slammed the door and yelled back "Mae you are grumpy, now Goodbye!" Within 5 minutes they had forgotten and are the best of friends again. Boy, I think this is God's way to help keep my patients in check or maybe it is my sanity! There are times, normally in the mist of pure chaos, I look to my Heavenly Father and ask is there any rest for me?? Well, He always humbles me and reminds me of my wonderful family and friends that I am blessed with daily. These are the true blessings that we sometime miss during a crazy day. I remember reading an article from Steven C. Chapman about his recent album "This Moment" and how we tend to rush through our day to day life and miss all of the blessings God puts before us because we are to busy. Well it is a struggle with today's pace of life to actually stop and see "those moments" when so quickly rush along. I am challenged everyday but with each new day my children grow even faster than the day before and they will soon be gone. I try to stop before my mouth opens (sometimes that doesn't happen) and see the blessings that God has put before me.

I have a big treat for you tomorrow! Don't forget to check back!!!!! I am posting a video that you don't want to miss. I guarantee that it will be entertaining!
You don't want to miss it! ( I have a few but this one will be the first to the series !)

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The Kvalvik Family said...

Wow! You have a beautiful family! We have three boys and a princess too, so I can really relate to your situation. I love my family and am SO blessed by them, but I am tired!

Thanks for your prayers and for checking in. We think of you often. Joyce