Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Greg!

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew's 4th birthday and had a great time. Greg got lots of neat presents and I think I was the winner with getting him the new T-Ball set. (I did cheat a little, his mom did give me the idea) Well on the way home last night around 7:40 pm Roger and Ben very cautiously tell us they had homework. Not only did Roger have homework he even had a project that was due the next day that he has known about since for over a week. Yeah, not looking good for Roger's video game time this week. So we had to rush home and get everyone settled and begin helping Roger with the project. Well they got it done and in pretty good time and it looked good. Hopefully they all learned their lesson about procrastination last night.
Well I did not forget about the video so here it is as promised. This one features Aaron! I found this one the same time I found the other one. In the last video I like Potatoes refers to Aaron's version of macaroni and cheesiness, well here is why! Just be cautioned, he does not stick to the rules of no eating with your mouth closed!!! Yikes!!

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