Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun Thursday!

Well today was a breeze knowing tomorrow is Friday! It was a very quiet Arden, had school and I had sometime to relax a little. Well, relax and do laundry, clean up, grocery shop, etc.. But it beats running the roads. I love just being at home! Roger's big excitement for the day was when he was in the cafeteria at school he saw his first fight! He even called me on the way home from his bus to tell me news! Can you tell this is his first year in middle school? When the boys come in from school I just can't explain the volume of our house and when I say volume I mean loud!!!!! Normally I don't just have my four but the neighborhood boys are normally here too. They come in like a tornado and eat like there is no tomorrow! Sometime it is band practice, Xbox marathon or just being boys and making lots of noise and Arden loves to join in on the fun! Poor Daisy(our very small toy Chihuahua), she just tries to stay out of sight so she doesn't get in the line of fire! I know one of these days I am gonna miss all this!
Well another late night went to a jewelry party tonight at Angel's shop. Not a big fan of the parties but a least this one was jewelry, something I like. Looking forward to the weekend!

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