Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Early Trip to the Dentist!

Our day started this morning at 5:30 am! Yikes!!! I had forgotten until I was laying in the bed last night after the football game that we had a 8 o'clock appointment for Ben to get 2 teeth pulled and see the orthodontist all in one visit. Roger also had a retainer check at the same time too! Well trying to go over how all this was going to play out it just DID NOT WORK!!!! I knew I could not change my appointment for it was the 2nd time I rescheduled and it needed to be done. Aaron had to catch the bus and Arden had to be at her school around the same time all of this was taking place. It made my head hurt just thinking about it. After just realizing that somethings are just not going to happen, I figured it out. I guess these are the moments when to just not sweat the small stuff. So 3 hours later, I was running again to deliver everyone back to school and had time to even swing having lunch with my sister! Pretty good if I say so myself. When I returned home I put Arden down for a nap and was able to get in 3 hours of laundry and reading. I am reading a great book that I found off of a fellow blogger site. It is called the The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. It is one of those books you just don't want to put down. I also see that Jenny (a fellow China family friend) is reading it too. So if you want a good read this one would be a good choice. So as I am winding down today I am welcoming an appointment free tomorrow!

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Jenny Wheelis said...

Have you finished the book yet?!! I'm done and loved it... amazing picture of God's love for us!