I was so fortunate enough to watch this young man grow up.  Boy, it seems like just yesterday Mason (my nephew) was passionately talking about spiderman.   Now he is talking about college...  

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DSC_4404 copy w

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DSC_4820 copy w

This guy had an amazing season in football this year!  Made the play of the season for the team which also made history for the program.

DSC_4765 copy w

These two have played football since they were little.  They are well beyond just cousins they are best buddies too!

Looking forward to where his next journey in life will bring him.  So proud of you Mason!!!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sunday Night is "Nail Night"

DSC_4393 w

My little princess loves getting her nails painted.  I never seem to find the time to do my own nails much less hers as well.  So we came up with a solution!  

DSC_4394 w

Sunday Night is our "Nail Night".

DSC_4395 w

I heard this once on a TV show a busy family of 7 who picked one night to have some "girl time" together.

DSC_4405 w

After a busy weekend and we are in our "getting ready for back to school on Monday" frenzy we take some time to paint nails.

DSC_4409 w

 A fun way to put some much needed downtime in with my princess.

DSC_4412 w

And FUN we do have!!!  There is NEVER a  shortage of laughs with this toothless princess :)

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